8 March 2021

Hair Loss- Cause,Symptoms,Remedies

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Hi Everyone,

So have you ever wonder why you are loosing your hairs drip by drip

No worry, I have brought you a complete understanding of hair loss cause symptoms and remedies for the hair loss..

Lets first understand the cause of your hair loss.



So have you wonder in your family tree how many people are suffering from hair loss problem ?

No need to go far away ,you can lookout your first near relation and check whether they have the baldness issue. The family relation person could be your father,grandfather,mother,grandmother,etc.(Rate of baldness in women is low but if you find in them then you might be suffering from hereditary cause)

2. Diet

How is your diet and  what sort of food that you consume?

Analyzing the above question will help you to understand the deficiency of essential nutrients to supply protein to boost hair growth.

So if you are doing any fad diet for trying to loose weight then that is the culprit for you because of which you are loosing your beautiful hairs.

3.Water Type

So nowadays the quality of water through which we are taking bath is so contaminated with insoluble content that makes your bathing water hard that ultimately destroys your hair follicles .

In bathing water the insoluble content like calcium and magnesium which makes your water hard and impacts your head skin.

Actually the calcium and magnesium gets deposited in your hair follicles and makes it hard for your hair to breathe.

Suppose you are covered with polythene or your face is covered by completely covering your nose to breathe ,Do you imagine that can you survive more than a minute by following above exercise.

To understand the deposition of the calcium and magnesium you can lookout outlet of your shower or your bathing bucket .A thin white layer will be there that is the culprit that got deposited on your shower or bucket.

But can you imagine the same culprit deposited on your head and making it difficult for your hair to grow.

Because of that might be the reason and cause of rising oily and dandruff head which may cause hairloss.

4.Tesnion or Mind Fatigue

In current time we are facing many issues which are making a tense and fatigue situation in our day to day life which ultimately causes loss of hairs .

Tension already hampers the growth of our hair and to stretch the hairloss issue by consuming liquor that has many side effects to the body just to soothe the mind for a short period of time.

So if you are in this phase kindly refuse your next peg and start to consume water that will help your hair and your skin to flourish.


  1. Male Pattern Baldness

So the male pattern baldness with the name itself speak for its characteristics.

Experts on Male Pattern Baldness | Aventus Clinic

With above picture illustration speaks about the pattern that usually happens with males and leads to absence of hair follicles from a side or part of the head in a pattern .

The cause of male pattern baldness could happen due to above mentioned cause and it happens in the patter as illustrated above

2.Patch Baldness

Its a baldness that do arises on human hair body in a patchy formation and in scientific term for patchy baldness is known as alopecia that is being nowadays a big point of discussion for its steep rise among the majority of population suffering from the patch baldness.

What Causes Alopecia? | Alopecia Treatments | Alopecia Help | Skalp

People says many causes of patchy baldness as some says it may arise due to deficiency in your diet and some say due to allergy you are facing this patchy baldness…

But doctors says that when immune system attacks your own hair follicles then this problem do arises.

For the solution doctors may give some anti immune drugs to counter the effect but it may have other side effects to it or may inject it to your blood stream at the patchy area .

Another solution is to increase the flow of blood towards the patchy area for that minoxidil is available out there in the market in the form of various product.

Can go with various minoxidil product available in the market ..The best suited product of minoxidil is Dr. Reddy’s Minoxidil.

Can go for 5% or 10% but doctor says 5% is sufficient and to measure the effect of the product in initial days you will feel rapid fall of your hair then your hair will regrow in the patchy area.

But there is a big drawback of it too…..

As minoxidil contain 70-80% of alcohol and after the application of the product will make your scalp dry and might leads to increase of dandruff on your scalp.

For the above issue Ill give a home remedy to remove the dandruff from your scalp and as its natural and readily available in the market will help you to get a complete relief of dandruff issue from your scalp.

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For supplement I can recommend to start to intake vitamin E rich food as in your diet and by product supplements that are available in the market can target them and can make use of the essential usefulness of the supplement that will make changes in your body.

Vitamin E not only help your scalp to rejuvenate but also help your skin to glow so if you want to have a silky and shinier hair with a glowing skin you should go for Vitamin E supplements.

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Some of the vitamin E rich foods easily available are:

1.Almonds 2.Peanuts 3.Pumpkin 4.Spinach 5.Fish 6.Eggs

Supplements available for vitamin E available in the market that too cheap is fish cod oil that has rich source of vitamin E and omega 3 acids that are vital for the growth of your hairs.

9 Science-Backed Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Home Remedies:

Utmost part of the series comes to the final part that is the home remedies that will best suit for you to get some best benefits for your hair as well as your skin will thank you for your efforts that Im going to share it with you all.

This remedy will resolve most of the skin allergy issue as well as dandruff issue in your scalp for which you might be using shampoo for that.

The product that is readily available for you in the market to target to all of your problem solution is Lemon.

Why you should put a lemon next to your bed every night | The Times of India



If yes then you are now part of my tribe who was too shocked at initial by understanding the nutrition value lemon has and can do wonders for the human skin and hair scalp.

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If you have any skin allergy you can go and try out  little drops of lemon and apply it for a week and see the changes it will do for you. For this can consult with your doctor for any side effect or any allergies you have from citric acid or any other content of lemon.

For hair loss you can just apply the diluted lemon juice on your scalp (no concentrated :add some water) so that it wont burn  your skin initially.

As people do apply various shampoo just to remove oil from their head which cost them big bucks annually.

Can completely compensate the same with the application of lemon juice on your head and will see all dandruff problem will be history for you within a month.

You can go with the application like before your sleep apply lemon juice and early in the morning when you will take your shower cleanse it with only water and dry it out. Once your hair will dry you will understand the effect on your head on single usage.

So…what are you waiting for go and do apply above said remedy for your hairfall and will see wonders for your hairs.

Please share your experience to me below down in the comment box.. And let me know I can help you in any other field of health concerns.

Thank You